Hey crazy web surfer, welcome to our new site! Coyote here, coming to you from the past, or maybe in the now? It’s July 25, 2020, and we are a few weeks away from our site launch on the Lion’s Gate, August 8, 2020. This site has been a long time coming for both my co-host Laurie Morningstar and me.

I’ve been on a healing journey for as long as I can remember, and I encountered Laurie a while (8 years?) back when I attended one of her workshops, which at the time as about getting heart centered.

The thing I came to quickly realize back then, was there there was a lot of stuff that I was carrying that was preventing me from finding that which I was searching for, which a lot of people like me are searching for, to re-activate that permanent connection to source, creator, God, our higher self, Christ Consciousness, call it what you will.

The pathway for that tends to be through the heart chakra, but unfortunately for a lot of people, there’s usually a collection of trauma we carry from this life and past lives that we tend to hold on to, that blocks us.

We have to release this stuff. Old patterns, old beliefs, tied up in emotional energy grids as Laurie likes to put it, that embody our negative frequencies. We hold on to these things, but they do ultimately prevent us from achieving our highest potential.

The interesting part about these times we are living in now, is that our species and planet is going through an up-shift in frequency that is forcing all of this stuff to the surface for us to clear out in order to more forward, move higher, and advance spiritually as individuals and as a collective encompassing this entire world and eventually neighboring worlds and civilizations already much farther ahead than we are.

Fast forward many years to today, and Laurie’s work has transformed into something that she calls Emotional Alchemy. I will get her to describe this in detail in one of our first shows, but until then beautiful reader, stay tuned. Keep checking our site, the home base will always be here, and we will be outreaching through the many platforms and methods.

Follow us on YouTube, Bitchute, Twitter and Parler, Instagram to start. More to come.

Indeed, more is definitely coming, for all of us. I truly do, look forward to connecting.

Coyote Don